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History Outline 1919-1938

59 Field Company RE
1919 – 1938

6th May 1919 – 18th Jan 1922 - Curragh
The Company was stationed at Curragh.
Though the Headquarters remained there, the Company was very much scattered during this time and had detachments in the following places, from time to time:

Lisduff, Ballinasloe, Longford, Rosscommon, Claremorris, Athlone, Westport, Galway and County.

Swinford, Westport, Claremorris, Kilbeggan, Mount Talbot, Ballinasloe, Athlone, Boyle, Strokestown, Galway, Roscommon, Oranmore, Athenry, Wolfhill, Borris, Tuam, Longford, Carrick-on-Shannon, Mohill, Rath Camp and Gort.

1922 - Carrickfergus
The Company moved to Carrickfergus (Northern Ireland), due to the evacuation of Southern Ireland, after signing the Treaty.
The Company moved in two waves, its strength was 147 men of all ranks.

17th March 1923 - Shorncliffe
The Company moves to Shorncliffe.

3rd March 1924 - Catterick
The Company moves to Catterick.
Here they undertook training in Musketry, bridging, demolitions and drill.

2nd Jan 1927
Major G de CE Findlay VC, MC hands over command to Major (Bt Lt. Col) AE Grassett DSO,MC psc.

April 1928 – Bellerby Moor
The Company move to Bellerby Moor.
Tasked to build Firing Ranges and a Hutted camp at Bellerby Moor, alongside 55 Field Company.

20th October - Catterick
Return to Catterick.

21st Nov 1929 - Bordon
The Company move to temporary accommodation at Bordon.

28th Oct 1930 – Canterbury
The Company move by rail from Bordon to Canterbury, taking over the Old Artillery Barracks, situated between the Buffs Barracks and the Cavalry Barracks.
Major SJ Armstrong assumed Command.

25th Aug 1932
Major EA Robinson MC assumed Command.

Changing from Horses to Mechanized vehicles started.

The Company became fully mechanized and converted Stables to Garages.

31st March 1936
Major (Bt Lt. Col) KN Crawford MC assumed Command.
The Company carried out trials of the new Plastic Explosives.

18th Feb 1937
Major WW Boggs assumed Command.

8th June 1937
Major EN Clifton assumed Command.

The Company spent all of the year, as a Recruit Training Centre and trained 9 x Parties of 55 recruits.
Many of these trained soldiers, were sent onto further training, to attain driving licences.

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